On The Issues


Sean has always believed that access to quality education for our children is paramount. As a fresh graduate from the  Arlington public school system,  Sean began his long career in public service at 18 years old as a member of the Arlington School Committee. As a legislator in the State House, and serving as the Vice Chair of the joint committee on Higher Education since 2015, he was instrumental in passing many important education bills that put students first, including:

  • A Bill to Prevent Bullying in Schools
  • A Bill that Establishes a College Savings Program for Each Eligible Child Born in MA
  • A Bill To Permit Teachers Currently Employed to Serve on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Passed a Tuition and Fee Waiver for Veterans Seeking Higher Education


Sean is the founder and chair of the MBTA Caucus, because he knows the value that access to public transportation brings to our communities. He has been a longtime supporter of the Green Line expansion and sponsored legislation to limit MBTA fare hikes. Sean also sponsored a bill to create more transparency for commuters about regarding construction that impacts to their driving route to work.

In the 2013-2014 legislative year, Sean filed a bill to take the ‘Big Dig’ debt burden off the the books of the MBTA. The ‘Big Debt’ debt refers to the cost of expansions and improvements in the MBTA system, such as extending the commuter rail onto the South Shore and Worcester, increasing the amount of parking spaces, and expanding MBTA developments to the Fairmount Line. The debt from these improvements threatened to eliminate more than 100 MBTA bus routes, however, the legislation that Sean introduced took the weight of this construction off the public transit system so that riders were protected not negatively affected and could continue accessing all of the MBTA routes.

Affordable Housing

Sean understands the importance of balancing development with the creation of affordable housing. He has crafted legislation to expand the number of affordable housing units in new construction. Sean will be a champion for strategies that both encourage community development and preserve what we already love about our community. He authored housing legislation that will ensure that new building developments either meet or exceed a certain percentage of affordable housing or retail units, ensuring that all new construction can help develop communities while remaining affordable and accessible.


The 4th Middlesex district contains some of New England’s most treasured parks and protected land areas, and Sean has been committed to making sure these spaces are available and clean for future generations to enjoy. He has supported legislation to prevent oil spills, encourage state energy conservation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect community lakes and ponds from environmental degradation, and transition Massachusetts to be the first state to run on 100% renewable energy.

And Sean helped create the Food Policy Council which ensures that more of our foods are grown within Massachusetts by providing training and economic resources to local farmers and by protecting the land and water resources that sustain the local production of these foods.