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  • State Representative - Ken Gordon
  • State Representative - Marjorie Decker
  • Woburn Alderman at Large - Richard Haggerty
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  • Bill Hayner - Arlington School Committee
  • State Representative- Jim Dwyer
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  • GateHouse Media, LLC (Posted Jun 22, 2017 at 11:56 AM )(includes Arlington Advocate)
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YMCA Legislative Champion
Mass Advocates Standing Strong recognition award (2014 + 2016)
Tufts Democrats Elected Official of the Year
MA - National Association of Social Workers Legislator of the Year (2013)
Boys & Girls Clubs of MA Champion of Youth (2016)
WCI's Human Service Advocate of the Year (2011)
Youth Villages Champion Award (2015)
Young Elected Officials Public Service Leadership Award
Mass. School Library Association's Joan C. Gallagher Legislator Award (2012)
Mass Hearing Aids for Children Coalition's Legislator of the Year Award (2012)
YouthBuild Champion Award (2012)
Massachusetts Developmental Disability Council Legislator of the Year Award (2015)
UMASS Lowell's Francis Cabot Lowell Young Alumni Award

Endorsements / Letters


EDITORIAL: GateHouse endorses Garballey for 4th Middlesex special election

GateHouse Media, LLC (Posted Jun 22, 2017 at 11:56 AM )(includes Arlington Advocate)

When voters in the 4th Middlesex District head to the polls June 27 to pick the late state Sen. Ken Donnelly’s successor, they will face a tough choice. Each candidate vying for the Democratic nomination brings a unique mix of skills and experiences that would benefit the Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington and Woburn residents who make up the district.

State Rep. Sean Garballey, D-Arlington, has served Arlington for the last nine years, freely giving out his cell phone number and getting personally involved in constituent service issues. Like Friedman, his time on Beacon Hill has left him with a thick Rolodex of contacts in the state Legislature, which he points to as a source of success in getting legislation passed. His long exposure to many policy issues has given him a solid grasp of the challenges facing Massachusetts, with a particular focus on transportation, children’s issues, the state budget and higher education.


All are energetic, honorable and committed to a vision of a more fair Massachusetts economy. However, this publication’s editorial board believes that Garballey will be the best choice for the 4th Middlesex district. In a district this diverse, his stated desire to replicate the kinds of strong personal connections he built with Arlington residents will be an important asset alongside his policy knowledge and the relationships he has built with other legislators.

Garballey Authentic. Caring.

Present. Rep. Sean Garballey brilliantly displays the uncanny combination of compassion, concern, action and follow-through. We have had the pleasure of knowing Rep. Garballey for many years, watching his distinguished public service career evolve from his days as an earnest AHS student representative to the School Committee to his election as one of the youngest state representatives in Massachusetts history. Sean has devoted his teen and adult life to working for the betterment of the citizens in our district and of the great commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our family has been challenged by a devastating life event. We lost our daughter, Catherine, nearly two years ago at age 16. When Catherine was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, Sean called us directly to express his concern and to ask how he could help. When Catherine was undergoing her grueling chemo treatments and was stripped of everything in her formerly rich life, Sean ensured that there would be an internship spot for Catherine in his office, something tangible and exciting to which Catherine could look forward. After Catherine died, Sean was present for our family. He took our teenage boys under his wing. He connected with them often, taking Drew’s eighth-grade St. Agnes class on a tour of the Statehouse and then meeting with them again in Washington, D.C. Sean attended A CATpella, our a cappella festival fundraiser for Catherine’s Scholarship Fund. When Drew’s AHS hockey team was driving forward on their bid for the Super 8 Championship, Sean was an ever-present fixture, attending games, giving the team locker room pep talks and communicating directly with Drew to support him. You can’t imagine how special it made Drew feel at a time when his life has been upended. This is Rep. Sean Garballey. Authentic. Kind. Compassionate. Caring. Present. Please join us in voting for Sean Garballey on June 27, 2017.

Gregg Malatesta and Jennifer Goodwin


Supports Garballey

As a public school teacher, I am proud to support Rep. Sean Garballey in his bid to fill the 4th Middlesex State Senate seat. Sean is currently the Representative for the 23rd Middlesex District, representing Arlington and West Medford. He has been a consistent supporter of public education and of fair labor policies since his election to the House in 2007.

A proud graduate of the Arlington Public Schools, and a former School Committee member, Sean has seen first-hand the effects of state budget cuts on local school systems. I am proud to say that Sean is a co-sponsor of five important bills currently before the legislature that will positively impact public education in Massachusetts.

Collectively, the bills support the Foundation Budget funding level, place a moratorium on the adverse uses of high-stakes testing while we research alternative ways of measuring achievement, enforce sensible recess and bilingual language policies, and reduce the number of schools targeted for state intervention from the lowest 20% to the lowest 10%.

In addition, Rep. Garballey has been a leader in working for an affordable, high quality state college and university system. Sean is a co-sponsor of a bill to increase the state’s investment in public higher education. As a graduate of UMass Lowell with a degree in political science, Sean has experienced directly how cuts in state support to our public higher education system place a significant burden of student debt on many students. He will fight for improved state funding so college students can get the education they need to better prepare for their future careers without amassing high levels of debt.

Rep. Garballey is also an advocate for policies that benefit the workforce. He has signed onto legislation that would provide fair and affordable public retiree benefits, create a path to paid family and medical leave, and increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2021. Our economy and our workers need policies that are fair and that allow them to support and provide for their families.

Finally, Sean is an enthusiastic supporter of the Mass Fair Share Millionaire Tax, which will reach the ballot in 2018. This ballot measure will provide additional funds for public education and transportation. Sean will work tirelessly to ensure the passage of this critical measure.

I hope you will join me in supporting Sean Garballey in the upcoming Democratic Primary on Tuesday, June 27.

Linda Hanson


“Sean Garballey, Continue Your Great Work”

As a matter of introduction, I am Kenneth W. Hughes, a retired Police Lieutenant for the Town of Arlington and an Elected Board Member of the Arlington Contributory Retirement System. The opinions I express here are my own and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of those of either the Arlington Police Department or the Arlington Contributory System nor any of their members of those fine organizations. I want to tell you a short story about two great men. For the past nearly ten years, Arlington has had an exceptional pair of legislators in the Massachusetts State Legislature, Senator Kenneth Donnelly and Representative Sean Garballey. Both of these men have been champions of causes that have meant much to me, my family, my friends, my fellow former co-workers on the Arlington Police Department, and my neighbors. They never forgot where they came from and they never forgot their friends, neighbors and any person of need. Kenny, Sean and I worked on many issues that effected the safety and security of past, present and future employees of the Towns of Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington, and the Cities of Medford and Woburn. I was deeply saddened when I heard about Kenny Donnelly’s death. He was a champion of the “Working Man” and he will be sorely missed. One of Kenny’s greatest traits was his ability to collaborate and get things done. This a trait that equally applies to Sean Garballey. These two men supported Public Pension reforms that strengthened the long-term economic stability of the Massachusetts Public Pension System and while at the same time addressed many of the concerns of the hard-working taxpayers of Massachusetts. A true test of collaboration and fortitude in this era of political derision. For these reasons and many more I whole-heartedly support the candidacy of Sean Garballey for Senator for the 4th Middlesex Senatorial District of Massachusetts. To Kenny Donnelly thank you very much for all you did for the “Working Man” and may you Rest In Peace. And to Sean Garballey continue your great work.

Kenneth W. Hughes


There for me when I needed him

At age 56, I was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer. I used to be a runner, laborer, and even worked for the town of Arlington in my youth. However, I had found that life was throwing changes at a pace that I could not keep up with. During this difficult time, I lost someone I dearly loved to cancer, and then also lost my cat. Since I could no longer work in construction because of my health, I found myself in desperate need for housing. I had nowhere to turn and began reaching out for help, which eventually led me to state Rep. Sean Garballey. He called me as soon as he was contacted. Sean began working with a local community housing organization. He personally called and wrote a letter on my behalf to the staff and director. Sean worked with them to find me a home, though they were limited in resources. He was instrumental in helping me fill out all the paperwork, while undergoing 32 rounds of radiation and six rounds of chemo. I am happy to say that Sean kept me from the street, and I am grateful in turn. I am happy to be alive and that my state representative was there for me, when I needed him. I will vote for Sean Garballey for the 4th Middlesex state Senate seat on June 27 and I hope you will too. Richard Smith, Massachusetts Avenue

Always ‘How can I help?’ When I first met Sean Garballey, I was a member of the Arlington School Committee and he was our student representative. He was enthusiastic and had a passion for public policy, which led him to a successful run for a Town Meeting seat less than two months after his 18th birthday in 2003. Arlington voters recognized his passion and work ethic, electing him to the School Committee two years later. In 2008, Arlington voters sent this enthusiastic 23 year old to the state Legislature. Sean still has his enthusiasm and passion, but in the last nine years as a member of the House, he has developed legislative skills and considerable respect among folks on Beacon Hill. He has built one of the most progressive records in the House. We can talk about the legislation that Sean has filed, and the legislation he has sponsored that has been enacted. It’s an impressive record, a very public record, the record of a successful legislator. This alone makes Sean the most qualified candidate for the state Senate, but there’s so much more. Sean is probably the most responsive legislator I have ever known. I have Sean on speed dial. If Sean doesn’t answer the phone, he is sure to call back as quickly as he can. There are many times I don’t even call and I get a response. If Sean sees in the news or in social media that I am concerned about a state issue, I can count on a call from Sean. His response is always, “How can I help?” Voters in the 4th Middlesex district will be thrilled with their new senator if they elect Sean Garballey. That’s a good thing, because Sean Garballey has truly earned a promotion to the state Senate. Please join me in voting for Sean in the Democratic primary, Tuesday, June 27.

Paul Schlichtman, Arlington School Committee, Massachusetts Association of School Committees past


Garballey stands out at Candidate Night

On Thursday, June 1, voters in the 4th Middlesex Senate district were invited to Candidates Night at the Lexington Community Center. This event was hosted by Minuteman Indivisible, a grassroots organization of concerned citizens in the Lexington area. The event featured a question and answer session with the three candidates for Ken Donnelly’s open state Senate seat. Sean Garballey, the first speaker, explained that he has tremendous respect for his running mates and emphasized that he is “not running because they will be bad,” but rather directed focus on the fact that he has “direct legislative experience,” is the only candidate that has voted for, crafted and filed “serious pieces of legislation.” When asked of his thoughts on criminal justice reform, Garballey pointed out that he is co-sponsor on bills concerning the reform of solitary-confinement, post-trial fees, mandatory minimums and compassionate release. He has expressly stated, to the speaker of the House, that he will not vote for bills that do not include all of these topics. An audience member asked Sean’s opinion on the state of health care. Sean is endorsed by MassCare and the MA Nurses Association. He worked for four years, fighting for children’s hearing aids to be a mandated benefit. He favors single-payer health care reform. Sean Garballey is driven to move to the state Senate, aiming to extend an even more significant impact on the commonwealth, where decisions will hold more weight. He has good relationships with House members, which is critical to making changes. During the course of the evening, Mary Ann Stuart and Cindy Friedman addressed the importance of the environment and the danger of climate change. Sean has actually filed the bill (in addition to the Global Warming Solutions Act he helped bring to the floor) which moves to run all sectors of Massachusetts on 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. The general consensus of this election is that Massachusetts is poised to take a stand and forge its own path ahead, regardless of blowback from the federal government. The best candidate for this job is one who has already been fighting these battles for nine years, and has been the backbone of meaningful legislation, resulting in tangible changes. Please do your part by voting in the special election primary on June 27. If you would like to get involved, visit Garballey.com, email Sean directly at garballeysenate@gmail.com, or call his office at 781-933-0149.

Derek Keenan


Special Needs Advocate

Bonnie and I met Sean at the annual banquet for Special Needs adults at the Knights of Columbus in 2010. His warmth, sincerity and involvement were evident the moment he spoke to us. I did not know that he was the local state representative until the ride home and Bonnie asked what I thought of the rep that was at the dinner. I said what rep? Sean did not fit the stereo typical image of a politician in my mind. Yes, he worked the room but everyone he talked to was excited to engage him because he really cared about what they had to say and how he responded to them. Since them I have learned that his caring is manifested in what he does for the people in his district. You call him and he responds. You ask for help and he is there giving it or finding some way to get it for you. He represents all his constituents by ensuring that Boston doesn’t taking or diminishing our bus services. He is passionate about helping children and elderly afford medical care when insurance companies want to cut coverage. Sean Garballey will be the voice for everyone in the 4th Middlesex in Boston. Go to www.garballey.com to see how you can help.

Bill & Bonnie Hayner

Bill is on the Arlington School Committee, both Town Meeting Members

Bonnie's sister, Debbie Lewis, Special Needs